How to Care for your natural stone

We recommend having a place near your entrance to your home to change your shoes from your outdoor shoes to your indoor shoes 

When cleaning your stone use an all natural non acidic cleaner. Use about 3 caps of cleaner to a liter of water. Use a clean mop. Try to use a minimum of moisture. Follow by buffing your stone with a towel. You can use a towel tied to a mop pole for buffing floors.

Wipe spills as soon as possible

Use coasters, placemats, cutting boards

When stone is near a mirror always spray the cleaner on a paper towel not the mirror to clean.

Use a tray underneath your toiletries. Do not use a metal tray.

Use a squeegee to remove excess water from shower walls

After showers, turn on ventilation fan

Do not use wax or any substance that sits on the surface of your stone. It can etch
and change the color of your stone

After restoration is completed do not wet your stone for 24-48 hours. The seal needs to
cure and the caulk needs to dry thoroughly.